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Sun 1 Feb '04:
Added some  new info onto the 'interior' page (Eng)
Added a lot of new info onto the 'under the hood' page (Eng)

Sun 11 Jan '04:
Added information and a picture of the newly bought exhaust manifolds (Eng, Dutch)

Sun 4 Jan '04:
Added picture and text about the new Sun Visors (Eng, Dutch)

Tue 23 Dec '03:
Added picture and text about the Fan Speed switch (Eng, Dutch)

Sun 21 Dec '03:
Added another picture of our wedding Corvette in the Art Gallery (Eng, Dutch)
Added procedure and pictures of the heater box restoration (Eng, Dutch)

Sat 20 Dec '03:
Added draining procedure (Eng, Dutch)
Added list of polishing material (Eng)

Tue 16 Dec '03:
Added picture of drain plug to discover the frame number (Eng, Dutch)
Added picture of new distributor (Eng, Dutch)
Added a lot of new links to the Documentation and Link page (Eng, Dutch)

Sun 14 Dec '03:
Added via e-Bay purchased Wonderbar radio (Eng, Dutch)
Added via e-Bay purchased valve covers (Eng, Dutch)
Added shaver option (Eng, Dutch)
Added tool kit option (Eng, Dutch)
Added picture Corvette with caravan (Eng, Dutch)
Added a picture of the chrome spark plug shielding (Eng, Dutch)
Added a picture of the unpainted defroster bezels (Eng, Dutch)
Added a small item on the outside mirror (Eng, Dutch)
Added a picture of our embossed floor mats (Eng, Dutch)
Added pictures of hot water hose fittings on the water pump (Eng, Dutch)
Added picture of the ignition coil resistor (Eng, Dutch)
Added battery shielding picture (Eng, Dutch)

Sat 13 Dec '03: 
Added info about replacing the radiator (Eng, Dutch)
Added new Options page (Eng, Dutch)
Added some picture on the Transport page (Eng, Dutch)
Added info about several heater bits (Eng, Dutch)